Neuchâtel, Switzerland

About us -

Photo de monsieur Picchi dans son atelier.
Photograph by Deborah Sohlbank - RTS
Collegial de Neuchatel
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6-12 is a family project led by Swiss watchmaker Giuesppe Picchi, a graduate of the Technical School of La Chaux de Fonds with over 30 years of watchmaking experience. He has also created his own factory called the Centre Excellence Horloger in Neuchâtel, Switzerland.

We set up various services, such as after-sales service, restoration of old clocks and also what is most important to Giuseppe teaching his know-how through watchmaking courses. The transmission of his knowledge through exchanges and sharing is part of the essential values of his company Centre Horloger.

6-12 is born during the pandemic of COVID-19 in early 2020, Giuseppe could no longer receive people in his workshop to transmit his passion. Had the idea during discussion with his family to create home assembly kits within reach of all expert, passionate or beginners.
The 6-12 kits allow you to assemble your own Swiss watch from home to home, we obviously provided explanatory videos and a complete step by step guide made by Giuseppe and his family.

There are several Kit models to allow anyone to assemble their own custom watch at home and receive the necessary tools to properly perform the assembly.

6-12 also offers complete immersions into the world of watchmaking. An all-inclusive stay in the Neuchâtel area, Hotel as well as complete assembly of a Swiss watch in a private atmosphere.
This experience allows you to put yourself in the shoes of a Swiss watchmaker and discover the various assembly operations before leaving with your own watch assembled by you from A to Z.